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I am back :)

So i have had the weekend with my little girls! it was amazing had so so so much fun with them. I will be getting back to my video blogs as of tomorrow as it the start of a new week!

I hope everyone had a good weekend?

For some good news i have had a letter back from my meeting with my doctor and things are starting to fit in to place,i have been fully diagnosed with Anxiety/social anxiety and depression. I know you are thinking how is that good news but it is for me.

Just knowing i am not going crazy and that i have something on paper makes me feel lot's better.

I am still going out every day for walks and getting lots of fresh air. started to sort out the garden for my mum and dad so they have something nice for the summer.

I hope you are all doing well.

Lots of love.

Trip x

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glad uve had a brilliant wkend with ur girls, an your so positive which is nice to hear :-) I know what you mean when you say its good news as I was the same when the doctor told me. it was nice to know what was wrong. I have been woudering where you was, but then I thought u wud be having some fun with ur daughters which is nice. cant wait to c ur next video blog xxx


Ahhh glad you had a nice time with your girls luv they make your life so well worth living just to see there innocent faces and glad you feeling better about yourself now things look like they are on the up for you waiting for your next blog xxx


hi, glad you had another great day with our girls, our children are what keeps us going. Pleased also to see you've been doing lots of walking, I find walking helps a lot, perhaps you can persuade your mum and dad to get a dog, lol!


That's brilliant! Very pleased for you and keep going!! X


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