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Hi,am very new to this forum (unfortunately not new to anxiety =( ) but since my son was beaten up and mugged in the Summer have suffered major panic attacks which then made my IBS flare up with major weight loss. Ever since then I seem to have aches and pains in various places,chest pain,groin pain,the list is endless =( Just wondering if anyone out there also has these kind of symptoms? Am getting fed up with going to doctor with different aches and pains! Any feedback appreciated


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  • HI, It's awful I know but seems to be part & parcel of anxiety. I was at the docs upto 5 times a month with various ailments, receptionists know me by my voice, how bad is that, was put on celalpram and have been 6 times only last year, 3 of which was in a week in dec cause I thought I was having a heart attack. Doc told me i would prob outlive him lol. Our bodies are just over sensitised. best thing is keep busy, and to try keep your mind occupied. hope you have a good day x

  • I know you feel like such a 'Hypochondriac' but the pains are real! Having various tests done for my own peace of mind ;) Thank you for caring =)

  • Oh yes the pains are real, even with pain killers they don't go away, when that happens you realise that it's psychological pain. I have had every test going. When the doc tells you your fine then the pain moves to a different part of the body and the cycle starts again, back to the doc and so on......... It's gets to the point where your embarrassed going to the doctors, x

  • Hi Aden,

    Sorry you've had such a distressing experience with your son; that would set off anyone's anxiety ~ I hope he is fully recovered.

    Aches and pains are part and parcel of anxiety I'm afraid (and IBS too). Anxiety leaves us so sensitized to every little change in our body. We feel everything, magnified by 100.

    Don't worry about being a hypochondriac. Hypochondriasis is a recognised medical condition and just means you have health anxiety; a fear of things being wrong with your body or a phobia of certain conditions. It DOES NOT mean you are making it up. The symptoms you are feeling are very real and very disturbing to you. They are just caused by anxiety mimicking some other illness rather than a nasty sinister condition creeping up on you.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Best Wishes,


  • Yes every Mother's nightmare come true =( He seems ok but he has Asperger's so not sure how much of it has registered with him! Thank you for caring as at the moment just sharing stuff helps a lot x

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