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Feeling pressure a lot?!


Recantly i have been worrying a lot over health reasons and aurgements with my boyfriend, as the aurgements have been over little things. Its now starting to take effect on my

Sleep! I get myself all worked up if i dont get enough sleep or shake a lot which is causing proplems! I tired breathing exersice and got some sleep spary, but it isnt working! I am to nevrous to go and see the doctor as i find it hard to talk about my

Feelings and dont want to waste their time. If anyone knowa some advice ill be greatful. X

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Anxiety & health anxiety does affect us hun , then we dont sleep , then are anxiety gets worse , then we start aurguing over like you say little things , we are tired we are worn out we need to give ourselves a break

The more we get worked up about going to sleep the more we cant sleep

Wait till you are really tired before you try , could you listen to some music , soft relaxing music , read a book ? just little suggestions you may have already tried them

Please go & see your GP , you certainly are not wasting their time , that is what they are there for & they hear these problems all the time

Lots of us find it hard to talk face to face with GP so as you have written down how you feel in your blog , write down how you feel & pass it to the them , just say I wrote it down as i find it easier , again lots of us do this & the GP is used to it

Make an appointment hun & get some help along with the support this site will give & you will be on the road to helping yourself feel better

Keep posting & let us no how you go on





I listen to meditation music with headfones on....yes please do go to drs... they realy understand and can help you loads even talking to a councilor may help you xxx


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