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Well it was over a week since my last panic attack which is good actually ive felt pretty good since ive even got some energy back which has spurred e into doing usefull things, then bam last night i started to panic and my breathing went i said aloud stop being stupid and turned my back and ignored it went away so i was happy id taken control. Today ive felt shaky and sick and bloated pmt sadly and i suffer from dreadful iron defficency which triggers symptoms that my anexity has a party with. Im sadly still house bound havent got the courage t venture out as im afraid of what the world will say when they see me all broken n crumbled. I made a point of telling all my friends and associates what i was suffering with most have been great but some ainly my neighbour the annoyin bain of my life mrs jones/copycat has taken to facebk putting up pictures about depression and people being strong because they have been knocked down and how its full of crap guess she thinks im down she will rub it in. I was a little gutted some people did not understand mre so as ive known them years but there loss i tell myself. So this is life at the moment how to get out is my next step :)

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Well done donver

You are doing great & I am sure you will get to the next step , take it slow , & you will do it

Ignore stupid people , there will always be some in life , but they are not worth your time & energy , infact to do things like they do , I think they have bigger problems than we do , they just dont no it !!!

If you feel a bit shaky etc remember its the PMT & it will pass , like you have kept telling yourself this is anxiety , do the same with this & say thats why I am not feeling quite as good

You are doing brill & its nice to see your post





Well done! You will get there and don't let panic take over you, take control and do things as you like to do then you won't focus on your panic such as what if it will come and etc. take iron supplement from gp or shop to improve your iron then you will feel more better! Chin up xx


ty whywhy x i must admit reading peoples posts and comment son this site has made me feel a lot more confident about the whole anexity issue. Its nice to hear postive reactions for once and to know these things can be beaten :) x donver x


I hope that today you are feeling better and stronger. M


I think often people 'don't understand' or don't want to hear is because of fear. They have their own issues and I think sometimes are fearful of anxiety or depression themselves. As you say, their loss. I have often wished I was one of those people that could brush things off, not care etc, but really do I? At least we feel! I think the road to recovery is different for all of us, but you had a good week celebrate that. I know it often feels like one step forward, two steps back (well it does for me!). But I am sure we will all find a way , our way, to getting ourselves feeling better.


thank you all im feeling more myself today x i already take iron but it dont seem to stop my anemia but i guess its another of things u learn to live with x im just learnin to take each day as it comes as it seems that way it better at the moment x i to have always thought how better life would be if i was one of those dont care people but i like me as i feel to show i care is sometimes nice in a qworld ful of heartles people i just need to stop people taking advantage of my weaknesses n such xx ty all again xx


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