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Things am moving forward at last

Hi all been to c the child pyscolagist (can't spell that) and even thou she didn't assess my son today she is nxt wk and I built her a picture up of him. He getting referred and fingers crossed will find out wat she thinks on the 20th march and the assessments and everything will be finished by then and shud get the date she will go infront of the panel about getting him statement. At least that's moving forward. I saw his friends mom (as he left the school) and he's coming round on saturday to play with ben, its nice to c him so happy. His friends been asking to c him which is lovely. No anxiety and I've beat my fear where my anti des, I take my one a day with no fear. My nans got her scan on monday I've fingers crossed, I'm so worryed :-( xxx

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Oh Donaf, that's brill about your son, love, I'm so pleased for you, and that he's got friends coming to see him too - oh great, hun! :-D :-D Well done with the anti d's as well, hun, that great you've got over that hurdle - really hope they help >>>>crossed fingers<<<<<<

So sorry about your Nan, hun, so hope it's good news for you all, my love, got my toes crossed for that - cos fingers already crossed lol!

Lots of love, sweet, really pleased that at least some things are going right for you at last! See you in the Rose Garden on Sunday???? :)

Lots of love

Rose xxxxxxxx


Thats such good news donaf & I am so pleased for you as I no the relief you will be feeling & for your son as well , I knew you would & will keep sorting this & you are doing brilliant !





Hey donaf, that's great news, both about your son and about the anti-depressants. Hope your nan is ok too. My thoughts will with you on Monday. Ann x


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