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Counselling or hypnotherapy?

Hi there am just wondering what others experiences are with counselling and hypnotherapy? I've been in counselling for over a year,I changed to a new counsellor in September as I started to train as a counsellor myself but have had to pull out because my anxiety became unbearable for various reasons. I'm not really seeing any benefits from counselling,Infact I think I'm getting worse. I saw a hypnotherapist a couple of years ago after my mum died and I got good results quite quickly,however I do think you need topping up in hypnotherapy and probably counselling too as it is easy to get dragged back to your old way of thinking. I can't afford to see a counsellor and a hypnotherapist and am wondering whether to have a break from counselling and try the hypnotherapy which is pretty expensive but seems to work quicker. What have others experience been?

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It's up to you whatever you think its best and are working for you? I think CBT counselling help me, you might need find a right therapist? You will get there hun xxx


I can only comment on the approaches that have been of benefit to me. Those being; CCBT

(on-line cognitive behavioural therapy) which I accessed through G.P. referral and is free via your PCT and IAPT. "The Work" a self inquiry system devealoped by Byron Katie which can be researched on-line, has facebook page, web-site,you-tube etc. which again is all free. (I have found both CCBT and The Work simple and powerful.) And also I am feeling the benefits of Sertraline (an SSRI). I find the combination of the above most helpful. I can do all the above in my own time in the comfort of my own home and at no cost.


I personally love hypnotherapy but dont like counselling. I find counselling to just remind me why im upset/ anxiety but doesnt arm me with how to deal with it if you know what I mean. I think counselling is invaluable to a lot of people though. I too was doing a course but I neveer finished it as I was just too busy .


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