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Why does alcohol set me off?

This isn't too much of a major issue, just a general query if anyone else knows or has any answers at to what I'm experiencing with alcohol. Over about 2 months I had a serious of panic attacks and other anxiety related problems although thankfully I haven't had any proper attacks for just over a month now. The strange thing is, now whenever I have anymore than say 3 pints in the pub or with friends, I have a thud as I like to call it; its like this feeling out of the blue that sends a bit of a sudden shock through my body and I start to become aware of my heartbeat which also becomes slightly faster (I've never had any of these symptoms before the panic attacks). This of course increases my anxiety so if I'm not in a comfortable situation or with people I'm comfortable with then I tend to call it a night at that point. Its like my body goes into safety mode but I'm not nearly drunk at all and it has nothing to do with the effects of the alcohol itself or at least I don't think it does. Being a student where everybody else is having fun drinking by the gallon makes it a little frustrating that perhaps because of an anxiety issue I feel I'm over coming I can no longer drink as much as I'd like, any thoughts or answers would be much appreciated.

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your blood pressue drops and in order for the body to maintain sufficiant blood flow to major organs your heart pumps faster x simples lol x


Just do not drink to escape anxiety........if it becomes an addiction then your problems will really wishes


its a stimulant exactly the same as an illegal drug. one of the first things i was ever told by my gp re anxiety, was to cut out all alcohol. caffine, recreational drugs, foods filled with additives etc. As they are all stimulants which effect blood pressure, blood sugar levels the list is pretty long :). Maybe do little research in to stimulant foods and drinks. x


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