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Councelling (sp)

Sorry about my spelling it's awful. I was seeing a coulcelor on and off for nearly two years she was a very kind empathic person who listened as I told her my life story. What did it do for me the simple ans is nothing. We discussed issues that were hapening in my life I'd make a decision while I would be with her then when I'd get honme i'd change my mind. I know why I am the way I am the thing is I still don't know what to do about. Is this experience the norm is this what councelling is about talking with someone who you trust and I did/do trust her and then that's it no change. I'm not to badly off the anti d's take away a lot of the anxiety. I still suffer with a kind of health anxiety and make life decissions that allow me to avoid my anxiety.

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I have had councelling before & they have set me small tasks & then when I have got home I have tried & then I felt even more anxious & stopped going

So I have certainly done the same but i am waiting to give it another go & with this site & the wonderful people on here I am really hoping it will work alot better this time , sometimes things dont work the first time but we can try again , maybe give it another go ?

I have health anxiety along with other things & like you have avoided certain things but then as time has gone on for me , I have kept avoiding more & more till I am trapped in my own little bubble , so I wished I had faced it as now that has added another problem trying to get out of the bubble I have made

Also like you making decissions to avoid anxiety , till it wasnt much of a life because I had took so much out of it , by avoiding things , i say this as I wouldnt want it to happen to anyone else & maybe you are not as bad

Look at the blogs , you will relate to some maybe not all , but you will see everyone has or is over coming anxiety , different ways , but what we all have in common is the understanding how this feels & we are here to support each other

Welcome :-)




Sorry , didnt look & you are not a newcomer lol but still hello as its the first time I have spoken to you , please excuse me for not looking first


Why thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I do understand how you feel I also understand only too well feeling like you are traped in as you say your own bubble. I'm glad your giving councelling a second go. I never set tasks with my councelor I just mostly talked and as I said she was very understanding and would relate things that happned in the past to how I was feeling/acting now. Your ans has given me an other insight into how a councelling session can go. Thanks again and I'm pleased to meet you. x


We will all get there , its little steps hun , trying different things , & suggestions till we find what works for us , & we will

Keep posting





Will do and thank you thank you x



Good to read your post . Hope I can answer your question.

I think maybe you might want to try a different counsellor. Although the counsellor you have been seeing is nice, it could be the counsellor was unable to give you specific insight into your life.

Life is a journey where we are always searching. And sometimes we can think we have searched everywhere and lose hope.

But sometimes it is because we are still without answers that causes us to look elsewhere.

I once went to a counsellor and, although the counsellor was nice hadn't a clue about the life I was living. I used to go to the counsellor and, although the counsllor was nice, I never really got any insight into what to do.

All I can say is keep on searching ...for when one door closes another opens.

Remember, it isn't a crime to walk away from a counsellor and look for another.

Hope this helps, Good luck , Swanlinnet : )


Hi Swanlinnet, thank you for ans my question maybe you are right about looking for an other councelor as I said all I did was talk. She told me one time I had all the ans I just needed to put them into operation and maybe I do I just don't feel like I know anything right now. my health anxiety I have only discovered since I came on here. I was putting my problems down to just being anxious and I wasn't adderessing the issue. As I said I'm taking an anti d and I'm for the most part ok but when but I do avoid situtions that make my anxiety level rise and because of this I feel I.m missing out on a lot of pleasure in my life.


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