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a little helping hand. x

i had a bad anxiety attack this morning after a bad ibs flare up and found it so hard to relax myself after. i got on to youtube and looked up relaxation and come across some really beautiful tunes, this guy has his own webpage called marc enfroy.com and found it did help to calm me down. still uneasy but theres no total remedy:( let me know if you like it and it helps?

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thank you i will check that out.


will check it out sam, hope ur feeling more ur self now. stay positive, as u will over come this in time xxx


Contact the IBSNETWORK they have a hypnotherapy relaxation tape by David Blotell which I got at one of there IBS groups in 2000. I have used it to good effect when I am anxious and stressed... It last about 15 mins but you can stay in the relaxed state as long as you want by playing it again. I am not sure how much it might be nowdays but it certainly is good for IBS and anxiety.


The IBS Network

Unit 1.12 SOAR Works

14 Knutton Road

Sheffield, S5 9NU

Telephone: 0114 272 32 53

Facsimile: 0114 201 11 12

If you want to contact via e-mail, you can send all e-mail enquiries to: info@theibsnetwork.org

Hope this helps!



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