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Please help...I don't know how to handle this

Just been through a very stressful few months. Had what I would describe as a breakdown last weds. Been speaking to the crisis team and am on day 13 of 75 mgs Venflaxine. I am also on beta blockers. Had a good couple of days but today have come crashing down. I feel shaky, wobbly and have a prickly sweaty feeling all over my skin. I feel extremely anxious and agitated and feel like I am going to loose it at times. Have had to resort to taking a diazepam. Is this a panic attack? I haven't experienced these particular symptoms before. I have tried deep breathing exercises and physical exercise but it is still there after 3 hours. Can anyone help me with this? Any suggestions? I absolutely hate feeling like this.

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I feel for you Charlie, I really do. You are sensitized at this time so everything in your body will be magnified many times over. Feelings, sounds, smells, vision all are reacting to your fear. It is a terrible way to feel and as it has taken months , maybe more to come to this may take as long to completely go. But IT WILL GO. They are nasty feelings , but that is all they are...FEELINGS. I have been there Charlie, not long ago so I can imagine how upset you are, but please carry on with your meds, you need them at the moment. The breathing will eventually work if done correctly and it may take a lot more than 3 hours or more. I remember looking at the clock and thinking "if I get through the next 10 minutes I will be fine" and then thinking it over and over again. You will feel better Charlie. You sound exhausted so try and rest. It's only feelings and they go away if you don't give them too much attention. Glad you have contact with the crisis team...keep talking on here as well, Lots of Love and Hugs x Ella x


Thank you so much Ella for taking the time to reply to me. Your answer really gave me great hope and strength when I was feeling very low. You are so right when you said that they were only feelings. To start with it, it just seems overwhelming and you panic and go with it. I have learnt over the last week that you have to manage those feelings and it is a daily battle but I think (and pray) I have turned the corner. I have never been so scared in all my life and still can't believe how intense it all has been. As you said it has taken months for me to get like this so I realise there is no over night cure. One day at a time, one feeling at a time. Do you have any books you could recommend reading Ella? Would like to become as informed as possible. And sincerely once again....big thank you to you xx


Aw bless you Charlie...that's so nice of you :). Yes I have a book to recommend

"Essential Help For Your Nerves" by Dr Claire Weekes. I got mine of Amazon at a really reasonable price, you will be amazed at how she helps,

Love and Hugs x Ella x


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