Facing the fear!

I'm facing my fear as I said and taking my anti depressant every nite.I've not long ago took tonites. The fear I've created is still there but I'm not gonna let it get to me. If I have to cum on here every nite to blog then so be it. I've had a better day to day, I've had me bezzie and her girls for dinner and we chillaxed after watching a film, plus my other half and my boys. Tomorrow is my eldest boys birthday, 11 where's the yrs gone. So I'm luking forward to taking him shopping and spending the day with him. Anxiety can come with me if it wants... I mite even have a word with it before I go out the door :-) I've still got the note on the wall by my bed, thinl I mite had another one to it with don't wory be happy! My other half will definatley think I've gone mad :-) xxx


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  • Good on you donaf ,

    I am watching this closely as I have a fear of taking meds of any kind , so this may help me as i watch your posts , so keep posting every night , for you firstly & for all of us that have this fear

    Have a lovely day with you son , you deserve it


    whywhy xxx

  • Thanx whywhy, I'm glad I'm not the only one with this fear even thou I wished none of us had the fear. I won't even take a head ache pill anymore. I've had this fear for so lonf and neva really realised how bad it was. I've had panic attacks ova it in the past. As I've had my anti depreesant, and because they take so long to get in ur system the doctor said if I needed to to take a diazapam. Well I did a few times, I foned doctors up, went to chemist, and foned my aunty all in tears saying am u sure u can take both. I wud then have a panic attack. Xxx

  • donaf i hope this will help give me the strength as i am just the same , even panic over vitamins

    You should be really proud of yourself :-)

    whywhy xxx

  • Thanx whywhy, I also have a fear from taking vitamins. My mate done me a green tea not long ago and I wudnt even drink that. We will get ova this fear uve made even more postive now as I don't just feel like I'm helping myself but in away helping others also from writing on here. We can beat these fears xx

  • I think you are very brave to look your fear in the face and 'say Go Away', I know that takes courage because I am slightly agrophobic along with depression etc. So hope all went well for you. As for the vitamins, you fear may be over-the-top, but they do need to be taken according to the instructions, not like I've done in the past, had an extra tablet because I have a cold!!! Your doc sounds understanding, so go along with his advice. xxx

  • That's great, you've done right thing to face your fears, just let it be there but don't give attention & feed to it! Have a smashing day with your birthday son!! Enjoy it!! Xx

  • Hi Donaf, Well done you hun!! Facing your fear is really admitting to yourself that getting better must come from inside yourself. What is the worst that can happen? nothing that hasn't happened before...It can also be in admitting that others were maybe right and we were wrong. Nothing to fear there. Fears are our feelings, magnified much more than normal. Feelings are not always true either. We fixate on them and they grow out of all proportion when we are sensitized, so even the sound of a pin dropping can jar the nerves. So the taking of a tablet can be such a massive task!!!! and all this starts with a feeling...a tiny thought that has crossed our sensitized mind. You know darling once we understand why we get so ill it takes a lot of stress away. Then we can start to feel better the more we understand our body. I hope you have a fantastic day with your little lad, you both deserve it so much Lots of Love x Ella x

  • Hi donaf, well u might still hav anxiety wiv u but u sound possitive + headin in right direction. if u suffered frm quite bad anxiety will take time 2 get better, plus give antidepressants time 2 work. Good luck.x

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