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to my friend fadedlizard and all others!

When the earth was born, everything was random and by chance.....mountains surged upwards where the internal pressure of earth forced them, deep hollows soon filled with water vapour and formed lakes and seas....this was anywhere anytime....grass and plants took root at random and chaos ruled...........where possible trees took root during this was born wherever and whenever it was allowed, in no given order, everything took place without future planning, every living thing took the oportunity when possible to fight for survival ..THE WORLD WAS BORN WITH CHAOS RULING...............


THIS IS RIDICULOUS..some of us make ourselves ill trying to control our life events and yet we NEVER WILL...........sorry folks but life will always just be life, we cannot and never will be able to control it..........and as long as we try we will remain without peace of mind.

We may be able to manipulate certain happenings or events to suit us and if successful then good on you (as long as its is for good and true).

But if this post is harsh then I cannot apologise, because this was a small part of which changed my thinking, an I offer it to you..

I was nervous when things did not go my way or people never did as I hoped or said what i wanted only when I finally realised that I am only a visitor to this life did I start to make it work by Letting Go...In a compassionate statement..I WAS NOT THAT IMPORTANT (EGO)

I realised I could not control life (to try is true madness)

I realised I was not responsible for others, I had to think of my health.

I realised that getting involved in everyone else,s problems was not my business.

I realised that i would not like everyone I met, just as everyone I met would not necessarily like me.

I realised good friends and family were the only ones who I was of some importance.

I realised I was not that important in Gods great plan, I was only visiting and in a hundred years anything I did Or said would be forgotten.

So i try , one day at a time to not get overly excited, not to get overly sad, but to try and walk a middle it is only for the day. Tommorow I hope you join me....xx be well

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Very true stde

Still need to be reminded , so thank you

whywhy xxx


I have to agree with Whywhy. so very true. I can relate to all that, and i am one of the normal ones,

Hope you are both ok. xx


Bless you Stde, I can identify with a lot of what you say, and yes , control does seem to be key to anxiety. Letting go of that control is one of the best things that can be done but very hard to do. Takes a lot of practise . I am thinking of you and life events my friend and I hope for strength and courage for you sweetheart Love and Hugs x Ella x


I agree that there are many things in life that we can`t control, but there are things that we can, & to leave everything to chance is to court disaster, I know because I used to go with the flow, & I got nowhere.


Ive just read this post and I love it.... it is so true and so wise.... And I for one need reminding of this sometimes,,,, I get obsessed with myself and all of the above so thank you for reminding me... Much love xx


We were all created in the image of God. He came to walk this earth to teach and left the Holy Scriptures. God spoke the heavens and earth and all that is within them (stars, moon, sun, etc.) in existence. This is why we don't have to question what came first "the chicken or the egg." We know that God created the chicken and all other animals to produce after it's kind. We will never be able to comprehend God just trust Him. Read Genesis 1 and the Gospel of John. We are complicated human beings which the scientist, researchers, astrologists, psychologists, etc are still discovering. Only God knows us completely. How the earth was born? Can something come from nothing in the human mind? No. The only answer is God.

Therefore, we must pray, read the bible, and trust God for our healing and direction which may include doctors, therapists, etc. Medical journals have published that people heal quickly when they are prayed for. You may Google this.

May God bless you...receive His love.


Whatever helps you to gain peace of mind is good. We are all different.......GB


I know.


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