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Google the monster

I wish I had the strength or fortitude to stop myself Googling every little thing related to my health.

I suffer very badly with health anxiety and know that Googling is the absolute worst thing I can do - but I'm like a moth to a flame every time I get a twinge or worrying symptom.

Perhaps we could all have a 'No Google February' or something??

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Just ban yourself now Bramwell! I will have to cut your internet off if you don't lol. I have banned myself and Whywhy has as well. It's bloody ridiculous the amount of diseases I have had to suffer through.....with no treatment either may I say :) x Ella x


Hi.ella. I think told you that my father suffered with every disease known to man, and died a the age of 94 from a fall. (No google then). His mother was the same and was 101 when she died so there is hope for us all. See you in twenty years time. Love. jonathan.


Hi. Bramwell. ella and whywhy are out buying cutters now, so you have been warned, and if your screen goes blank do not be surprised. Fatal is Dr.Google. A menace. I can't make up my mind if it should be banned or ignored, both good ideas. I do, however think that the NHS website can be useful for NON anxiety problems. At least they tell you to go to your GP if necessary. Best wishes. jonathan.


Yes !!! the cutters are on there way unless you "keep of " lol

Best thing told me on here so far "DONT GOOGLE "

If ella & I & others can stop can you !

Dont just make this a Febuary ban

Make it a life time one !!!!

Like others I have had everything under the sun so far (in my head ) & a few that I think I have made up as i have gone along & with the help of "DR GOOGLE " well.....need I say more

Join the ban club Bramwell are most welcome

Come on here when you feel the need to google , its alot better & you dont feel half as bad after !

whywhy xxx


I think it is at the beginning of Jerome K Jerome's funny novel "Three Men in Boat" - a bored young man-about-town early last century gets a few twinges, so goes to the public library and starts reading the medical dictionary - no Google then! ;) As he reads, he gets more and more worried - he appears to be suffering from everything from acid reflux to housemaid's knee ;) In a panic, thinking he has days - if that! - to live, he goes to his doctor, who is also a friend, who examines him, and writes a prescription. Somewhat relieved, he goes to get the prescription filled, but the pharmacist looks at it perplexed, and says "I can't help you with this one!" "Why not?" the young man cries, terrified - the pharmacist hands him the "prescription". His friend has written "There's nothing wrong with you - have a large brandy and pull yourself together!"

Okay, we all know it's not as easy as a large brandy :-D - I'll have one anyway, thank you! - and pulling yourself together - but at least it shows we;re not alone - even before google! As I think Mark Twain said - "I've had a lot of troubles in my life. Most of them never happened." ;)

Stay away from Google!!!!!





As if we haven't got enough trouble with GAD, OCD etc we have to drum up illnesses that dont exist!!!!!! Talk about masochistic!! We are a funny old lot and no mistake. But we are a funny old lot TOGETHER and that IS important. Bless you J.


Take my wise advice- keep away from google as they are full of monsters and scare s*** out of us and I'm banned myself from google!! They make your anxiety 10 times worse!!!! Xx


Definitely come join us Bramwell, I've given up Google too. It's really more trouble than it's worth. We're stressed out enough as it is. We don't need any help to get worse!!!! Come on here instead. There's always someone around to offer comfort and support.

This site had been a godsend.

Take Care


Thanks for all your support - I'll try hard to keep away and focus on other things.

I do pop in here quite often as I'm sure you all know, but mainly to attempt to offer help to other health anxiety sufferers.

My main piece of wisdom to all other HE sufferers is NEVER Google - yet what do I do when I have the slightest worry.


Stop it NOW! lol Well done everyone!!! Wow we are doing really well! :D x Ella x


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