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boiled water (cooled) sipped for a cough

wow for people who have a cough/chest infection try sipping boiled water, obviously not that hot that you cant sip it, let it cool down first, but anyway, i was sceptical that it wouldnt work when the person told me about it, but it DID! The wheezing went and so did the cough for a bit. I added a bit of honey and lemon to the hot water and that is all im drinking now, especially first thing in the morning. Its not a cure for your chest infection or cough, but it relieves it for a bit.

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Thanks for that linny , will remember , like you say if you have a chest infection as you seem to , well you need the antibiotics as GP has perscribed , but while they are working ,its handy to no something as simple as cooled boiled water can give a little relief

Hope you start feeling better soon

whywhy xxx


Thank you as I got a cough on & off for 2-3 weeks and now got a cold! Did drink plenty of manuka honey and lemon with boiling water seem not helping? I had antibiotic 3 weeks ago and didn't help either :-( my lungs feel bit heavy and ribs hurt with low back & pelvis ache :-( xx


Hi Linny , sorry you are still suffering with that nasty cough. I love hot water with honey and lemon with a nip of whiskey at bedtime :) . Maybe try that Minnie. It warms your whole body and makes you sleep. Not detracting from the lemon though! Lemons are so healing it's amazing. Get well soon x Love and Hugs x Ella x


Thank you, will try that! Big hugs xx


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