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why am i having these attacks??

i smoked cannabis and cigarettes for many years. 2 months ago i took a so-called panic attack. ( felt very warm and agitated and felt like i needed to leave my friends house immediatly). i got home with my heart racing very fast and eventually calmed myself down. One month ago i stopped smoking cannabis and the attacks are still occurring roughly every 3 days.. I also stopped smoking cigarettes 2 weeks ago and have been feeling funny throughout the day. I cant think straight, and today i took a bad attack on my way to work and had to turn the car around and come back home. i felt like my head was going to explode and that maybe i need psychiatric help because it was so bad. i am feeling calmer now and have booked an appointment with my GP on thursday. Can you give me any advice please??

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Try stay calm and I heard that cannabis can cause panic attacks but glad you have stopped smoking these as its not good. Ask gp to refer you a counselling?


Hi Dude

Well done in stopping the Cannabis. : )

Because Cannabis is what is a called a Fat-Soluble Drug, when we 'detox' from it it does take far more time to leave our system than, say, alcohol or Heroin.

Perhaps if things get too hectic try the nicotine gum for the tobbacco craving ?

The Cannabis should be well on its way from leaving your body now and so pat yourself on the back mate ...Like I say , Cannabis is a very nasty drug and you have done so well in leaving it alone.

Good luck

swan : )


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