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bad attack yesterday


Never posted here before but have been around for awhile.

Had a very bad panic/anxiety episode yesterday from onr of my triggers. I have GAD and usually manage pretty okay but lost it yesteday and am disappointed in myself . I feel okay today but can't believe how bad I felt yesterday evening, and how quickly my anxiety can make me totally irrational and feel so scared and out of control.

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Hi angelofhope

Sorry just seen your post , a little quite on here tonight , but I am sure you will get replies as people come on & see your post

Well its lovely to see you feel you can start posting , you will find it a big help

If you have been around a while , you no doubt will have read the blogs people have written & hope its been of some reassurance that you are not alone with this

There is nothing to be disappointed in yourself , you had a bad day , happens to all of us , thats anxiety , can jump up , with no warning !

Yes after having managing it so well , it does come as a shock when you have a bad attack & can be very frightening , but you have managed it before & you will again

I have suffered for more years than I care to remember with this & not till coming on this site did I think as been suggested that accept the anxiety & fear , dont fight it , have been doing that & would have never thought of it , but i am starting to see how that works

So I would accept I had a bad day & not fight it & i am sure if you use this method it will help , hope it will

Dont no if I will have been of any use , just didnt want you to feel no one cares , because we all do on here

Hope you can feel you can post more now you have introduced yourself :-)

whywhy x


Hi Angel,

Anxiety is like that. We think we've got to grips with it, we're using our techniques, it's all going well and then somehow it isn't anymore. The anxiety has sprung round and grabbed us. It's such a shock and you're left with the post panic hangover once it's gone which is no fun either. WhyWhy is right, it's just one of those things. Don't dwell on it. It's just a blip.

Best Wishes,



thanks for the lovely repies, whywhy and Lizard. I still feel up a bit up and down, but am taking each day as it comes.


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