Felt Bad Until I did Something

So I've done extensive research and yes, how I feel is apparently common in anxiety. I will feel bad but forced myself to go on a walk with my mom and she told me I just had to stop focusing on how I felt and do. So I tried but as soon as I thought about how I felt, I felt bad again. But after I walked into a store, I noticed I felt physically better.

Is this a confirmation that this is anxiety? And that I only feel physically rotten is from stress? I read where stress depletes everything, so it would be common to feel bad if you are under stess/anxiety.


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  • Absolutely!!!

  • Very true.

  • It does confirm its anxiety and. Stress just takes a big chunk out of you.

    When you start panicking try thinking of that moment.

  • Hello

    I had an event to prepare for 2 months ago. I had to get some items from a store to bring to that event but the items took an hour to be prepared.

    That hour in the store was the longest of my life. I was probably fine externally but inside I was frightened, alone and just worried.

    I felt relieved after the hour was up but I know how you feel. Stress can deplete us all.

  • It also could be that stress means we produce adrenalin, the 'fight or flight' type response, physical activity can help with that. I find swimming helps me when anxious. Oh, it also releases endorphins which can lift your mood x

  • Plus I noticed, the following night, when I got a migraine my symptoms disappeared as I focused on that

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