mega bad day

Hi all,yesterday I had a really bad anxiety episode felt so bad and frightend which is not how usually experience things.This morning I happend to find a web site about the side effects of fluoxetine,which I was prescribed and low and behold everyone had suffered the same symptoms as me.I know I have to persevere with the tablets but was just relieved to know I was not going to have a break down.


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5 Replies

  • I'm on them, been on them since around may. I still get anxious at times but nuthing like I did. What is the site called? X

  • Hi donaf,the site is but if you google fluoxetine side effects you will find it

  • Guys don't google, it adds to the anxiety

  • watch out for the no more panic site (or "no. more panic.). the sites been degenerating for years. Its the lunatics running the asylum. Owner/admin/regulars with ISSUES just waiting for a chance to bring you down to their level.

  • thanks healths already got rid of it I also noticed the issues

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