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bad attack yesterday


Never posted here before but have been around for awhile.

Had a very bad panic/anxiety episode yesterday from onr of my triggers. I have GAD and usually manage pretty okay but lost it yesteday and am disappointed in myself . I feel okay today but can't believe how bad I felt yesterday evening, and how quickly my anxiety can make me totally irrational and feel so scared and out of control.

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Hey angel. We all understand that feeling, the spiral out of control, the fear and the disappointment as we realise that again we have fallen victim to this irrational tendency. The positive out of you blog is that it was yesterday and today you feel ok. Yes you did go through it yesterday, you did have a panic attack but you are so strong to get THROUGH that and to carry on today! So often we all dwell on a bad bad day or a panic attack or our thoughts. We need to think of these days that we don't have a panic attack, that we are feeling 'ok' and even in those moments of fear, we have to convince ourselves that this is not a constant, that we will be back to ok soon.

I don't know if that helps but good job for posting about it and well done for pushing through the panic! You are so strong!!!!


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