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What wrong with me

This is my first post and unsure what to write, I been suffering a lot for a long time. Panicking about every little thing is the to much milk in this tea, have a locked that door checking 6 times and little idiotic things like this. I am at the point know I would rather not do anything in case I do it wrong or let someone down. I think people are talking behind my back all the time. And felling there ill. I have gone up in weight 5 stone in 5 years my teeth are a mess and need t come out I'm Only 23 and this is what is sending me other the edge know. Just wondering any advice in he first step I can take to solve this thank u.

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Sounds like u r sufferin frm obsessive compulsive disorder as well as low confidence. I think u should go 2 the drs as i think some sort of anti depressants will help as well as CBT, but there is a waitin list so the sooner u go drs the better. We all need help ay times wiv som sort of medication. Also welcom 2 this site as they is som brilliant friends on ere. P.S best wishes.


get yaself to the drs hunny, this sounds silly but next time you panik about putting too much milk in your tea for instance , put too much in challenge yourself, your not alone x


I picked up on the extreme pressure you are feeling about "coming out" I hope that anyone having come through this can speak to you through the personal messages (pm,s) to give you some guidance on how to handle this......(hope i,ve understood your position correctly)

Good for have taken your FIRST step that you were asking about.............

And welcome to the site, don,t worry we,ve all come out on this site in one way or

OH...yeh...i agree entirely with leehow79...................


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