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Thought id cracked it!!

Ive been feeling good for a couple of days now and even drove my car after not driving for a couple of weeks,but this morning ive woke up and felt so weak and lightheaded,felt like my head was going to explode and my vision keeps going funny,i had plans for today but looks like theyve gone out of the window,if i dont think about my lightheadedness i feel ok,but its hard not to think about it xx

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Sorry to hear its not a good day for you :-(

Encouraging though to hear you have had a good few days :-)

I think with anxiety it can have its good & bad days & when we get a bad day we have to remember this will pass , it has done before & will again

You seem to have the answers , when you dont think about your light head , you feel ok , when you do then you feel fear

Same here as soon as i start focusing on what i am feeling ..then it is down hill all the way !

May be its just over tiredness , maybe a bit of anxiety , maybe you are coming down with this cold that is doing the rounds , may be none of these , but what isnt a may be is "this will pass "

Might have to accept , this is how you feel today & just take it easy , dont allow it to take over your mind , just go with it , like lots have said accept it , which is helping me so much , as i have always been one to fight it , those words about acceptance have been a big help to me

Hope this passes soon & mean while you have here to post , with every one understanding !

Thats a positive :-)

whywhy x


Yes; As whywhy says, acceptance is the real answer. These days I get very little trouble but (there is always a 'but' isn't there). This AM we went to Sainsbury's for our usual coffee when, whopps, a dizzy spell!!!! (For no reason that I could see). Another of the lightheaded variety. I took the usual action and did NOT add second fear, as Dr. Weekes calls it. I accepted it. The 'Oh my goodness', and 'what if' syndrome was not allowed to 'click' in. FEAR. Within minutes it had died down and was gone. It does work, and with this technique you have a long term strategy to get you out of trouble wherever you are. Mind you, it has taken me some time to get the hang of it. j.


It's possible you are just drained out and tired. Have you been eating/drinking properly? Have a day in and watch the telly and see how you feel this evening or tomorrow.


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