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thought id share something with you

There is nothing complicated about nervous illness, there is nothing serious about nervous illness. It is a joke.

All nervous illness is is sensitisation of our nervous systems maintained by fear of our nervous reactions.

The method's brilliance is that it takes out of the cycle of suffering by teaching us to stop doing the very things that keep our suffering alive.

Sufferers in the anxiety state are like gardeners trying to grow plants by slashing them with a scythe. All we need do is stop cutting and the plants will grow. The immeasurable power of nature is waiting to heal us if only we would give it a chance. Your nervous sytem will calm if you stop flogging it with fear of fear. IF YOU STOP LOOKING FOR A SOLUTION THE SOLUTION WILL APPEAR. IF YOU STOP TRYING TO WORK IT ALL OUT ALL WILL BECOME CLEAR. IF YOU STOP TRYING TO WIN THE BATTLE THE BATTLE WILL BE WON. IF YOU USE NO STRENGTH YOU WILL FIND THAT YOU ARE STRONG.

The bluff of anxiety is that it tricks us into doing the very things that keeps it alive.

The method is a simple reversal of this cycle:

FACE - Stop trying to deny your suffering or outrun it. Allow yourself to experience your suffering without trying to hide behind being busy or hiding in safe places. Face the situations, symptoms and feelings they are not to be feared they can do you no harm.

ACCEPT - This is the beginning of the end of trying to work it all out. Instead of trying to: outwit anxiety, overcome it, stop it, negotiate with it or find some solution that doesn't exist you simply allow yourself to feel whatever you feel, think what ever you think. You simply do nothing about it. You give your suffering permission to be there. You let go of that vice like grip you have inside yourself that is attempting to stop your anxiety . There is no point trying to deny something that is already happening. True strength aswell as recovery is found in surrendering to what ever is happening. Give up! let it happen!

FLOAT- Stop trying so hard, Take that rigidity out of your body loosen your body and you attitude. Shrug your shoulders. You can use the words flow or cruise or whatever word helps you the most in place of float.

LET TIME PASS - Your suffering has momentum like a spinning wheel. The thoughts, the emotions, the analysis, the inward thinking will continue. Mayoe for some time. They have momentum and your nervous system cannot heal at the click of your fingers. So many accept and then expect their suffering to end. By definition when they do this they are no longer accepting. Realise that time will heal you if you continue to practice with as little expectation as possible.

This method is so simple a small child could do it. It is only the voice of doubt and the anxious minds conviction that anxiety is important or complicated that is in your way. IF YOU PUT THIS METHOD INTO PRACTICE WITH YOUR HEART AND SOUL IN SPITE OF THE SUFFERING, THE SETBACKS AND THE DOUBTS, IT WILL BRING YOUT THROUGH TO PEACE. PEACE IS THERE UNDER YOUR SUFFERING, IT ALWAYS WILL BE.


Do this earnestly and you will never ever fail.This is so true just wanted ti share it with everybody it just putting it into action .Sorry its so long

claire x

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Hi Claire - this is exactly what the wonderful Dr Claire Weekes recommends in her books, bless her. You've summarised it and explained it really well. I must go back to her books - 'Peace from Nervous Suffering' and 'Self Help for your Nerves'. I haven't read them for ages, trying other more recent publications, not all of them helpful. It's interesting that although this isn't Mindfulness, there are techniques in her approach that contain similar themes: accepting, for instance. Running away, or trying to run, never works. It increases the fear. I have lost count of the times I've tried to push away frightening thoughts even when I'm aware that it doesn't help. One's instinct is to try and get rid of them, rather than turning towards them and seeing them for what they are. We use up so much emotional energy in so doing, which is exhausting. Thank you for posting this. x


Hi both. I absolutely agree. Dr. weekes, as I understand it, was recommended for the Nobel peace prize for medicine and I believe she should have got it. I remember when she came over here and gave talks on TV. she was inundated with calls from sufferers who had not heard of her method. Both clairep and hedgecrone have got it right. But we have to face the fact that is not easy and requires perseverance, but with the ultimate result of relief. I have most of her tapes but I cannot locate anyone who does CD's. as tapes appear to be outdated. Anyone help? Good luck to all. jonathan.


Hello i have dr claire weekes book self help from nervous illness and her cd pass through panic on amazon uk ,she is brilliant how she explains it all.Also there is a guy called David Johnson who has a programme called freedom from fear and he was actually given therapy by dr claire weekes and he now helps people recover teaching people how he was shown by her.Hope this helps.Take care x


Hi clairep. Many thanks for the info. Will look into it on Amazon. Also the other one you recommend. Best wishes. jonathan.


Hello let me know how u get on.Glad to help.

Best Wishes

Claire x


Hi clairep. Have got a scource for Dr. Weekes CD,s on Amazon. My old tapes are wearing thin! Many thanks. Best wishes. jonathan.


Hi Jonathan glad to help.All the best claire x


Thanks claire, heaps of help :) :) hug!


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