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To up the medication or not?

So I had an appointment with my GP this morning to reassess my dosage of Seraltraline. I think the 50mg is enough but lately I have been feeling the emotions and anxiety surfacing. I know i only have a limited time until I go home and then have the support of my family and the sun but in the mean time, should I go up to 100mg? I hate being on this stuff. While I understand that I need it until I'm back on my feet the thought of relying on it feels like I am letting myself and my brain down. This sounds stupid I know but when I have studied psychology and intend to have a career in this field, yet I feel like I can't even get a handle on my own mind let alone help others. Maybe I should up my dose, just to tide me over. Any advice?

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No stay but need a time to get used to it also try chamomile tea that I mentioned on my question and see if it helps?? Xx


You will be able to help people better than anyone because you have insight. You can draw from your own experience to help others. Every cloud has a silver lining. :-)


I would say to follow the doctors orders - I nearly came off anti-deps about half way through using them and I was so pleased, then I hit a bump in the road and had to go higher than I had ever been before and it felt crap...but they helped and eventually I came down again before finally coming off them. It can be done hun, well done for coming so far, you haven't let anyone down, just because it's chemicals in our brains misfiring doesn't mean that it's any less real than having a broken leg, stomach issues etc.

As for your work aspirations, as WhyV said you will be so much more equipped to deal with people, I am a volunteer with a well known phone helpline now and whilst it's not my place to share my experience with callers I think it makes me better at empathising!


Im also on 50mg of sertreline, ive bin on 4 5wks but not doin anythin 4 me, dont know if they jst simply arent 4 me or the dose jst simply isnt high enough. 50mg is quite a low dose + my depression + panick/anxiety r severe. Bin absolutley freakin out since yesterday so theyre obviosly not doin their job 4 me even though sertreline has got a good name 4 helpin wiv anxiety. Drs r weary of puttin my dose up 2 soon bcause of my past history wiv meds, but i cant carry on like this. Doesnt matter wot i take nothin seems 2 help, ive even used tranquillisers without sucsess. Is they jst simply no awnser 4 me but not 2 carry on. P.s so sorry 2 rant on on one of ur post but my head is all over the place.


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