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What will 2013 bring?

I have had a great festive period. Since I left work and headed to the pub last Friday I have felt relaxed and at ease. It's been a great Christmas chilling out with my family and friends...eating, drinking and generally being merry. I've almost felt like me again, me without a care in the world, but as the new week begins and the prospect of another year looms it is all creeping back up on me again.

2012 has been one if the most challenging yet. I'm not sure I could take another year like that. I'm already starting to worry about work projects and I have another 2 days until I go back. This last week has provided me with a well earned break but with no holidays planned for a while I'm just not sure how I can relentlessly go on week after week in the new year.

Trying to stay positive!

HB x

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I know the feeling of going back to work...and about not having holiday for a definitely yes we have to stay positive!!



I know is difficult but try not to think about it too much be proud of yourself how things have gone, stay in the moment, best wishes hope 2013 is healthy & full of laughter


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