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Do you experience these symptoms too???

I have posted a couple of times recently about my symptoms relating to anxiety. I have suffered anxiety for a few years now but this year has been really bad for me. The past month I have been off my feet and haven't left the house.

The thing concerning me the most is the aches, pains and sensations that I am getting in my upper chest and back..especially on my left side. As you will know with anxiety sufferers this instantly triggers one thought....its my heart!

I have been experiencing these physical feelings for coming 5 weeks now, I spoke to my GP at the beginning of it all and along with a few other symptoms which have passed now he thought it was a viral infection and told me it would pass in a few weeks.

I would just like some help or advice from others who suffer anxiety.

I find that my left side aches a lot..even my leg sometimes. It is especially worse in a morning when I wake up or if I lie down flat on my back. It is like my left side is slightly numb and it aches all over my left chest and round to my back and sometimes slightly in my upper left arm and also my neck. These pains are there most of the day but do seem to get worse at night or first thing in a morning. Is this normal for anxiety because for the past few years I have only really had symptoms when I have been anxious. I also find that while I am lying flat on my back if I take a deep breath I feel a slight wheeze deep in my back. Is this just another anxiety symptom that I have been lucky to escape the past few years?

I had my therapist out last week and explained this feeling and she is quite sure it is related to my high levels of anxiety (cortisol levels) I was prescribed Citalopram by my GP in April but couldn't take them as they made me ten times worse.

I would be so grateful for any feedback...I find this site helps a lot if you are an anxiety sufferer.


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Hi There, I have an anxiety problem and a back condition that causes me a lot of pain similar to what you are describing. I find I am tensing muscles a lot on my left side ( no idea why left side :) ) I even get the numbness round the chest to the back after a particularly long time trying to stand still. Yes it's normal ....relaxation breathing exercises do help I find but I soon go tense again. I am almost sure it is tension caused by anxiety. It's a pity you can't take citalopram . Maybe your GP will prescribe something else instead. There are a lot to go at

Love and Hugs x Ella x


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