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Ive given up i cant take this anymore anxiety has beat me!!!

Hi all.... my anxiety has been out of control for a few days now and last night was the last straw i have no fight inside of me left i no longer know who i am anymore!! waking up and going to sleep thinking about anxiety....i know ive had the flu all over christmas but these dizzy spells and jerking movements when im trying to sleep are frightening me im so scared im going mad i just want to crawl in a black hole.....

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My dear lisa. YOU ARE NOT GOING MAD!!! Nervous illness, anxiety, is not madness. I have heard and seen so many in your situation that it does not surprise me at all.You are in the pits, yes, but that little bit of courage is still there for you to begin the climb out. I know, you just haven't the energy anymore; you are tired and weak and just want to lie down and give up.

lisa, I have been there and it is ghastly BUT NOT IREDEEMABLE. I came out and so can you. Don't give up on yourself no matter how awful it is. The Flu has dragged you down and the after effects of Flu can be pretty rotten.You will gain strength as you recover. Are you taking any medication? You would find it helpful if you ask your GP for advice. Muster that tiny little bit of courage that is still there. Let us know how you feel as you recover. Love. jonathan.


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