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Welcome to 22nd December 2102

I,m glad for those of you who feared the 21st Dec (end of world?) to read this headline this morning and to understand that the fear was just a subject your mind chose while running on full alert.......Anxiety........hopefully this may be a small lesson to some and maybe in the future when you pick up on something you will remember that most of the time our "perceived" worries just never materialise. As I have anxiety,health anxiety,financial anxiety, body anxiety etc etc etc the former word is what your mind chose (it could have been anything) the latter is really the common denominator and is what you suffer to well

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Amen stde! It's really p****d me off this week as my Grandaughter has come home from school so distressed every single day for the last couple of weeks now. I'm going to have to watch her...... much love x Ella x


Well said stde. I have posted elsewhere my thoughts on these idiots who blatantly frighten people. Best wishes. jonathan.


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