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Highly remmonded it to you all- pls read!!!!


Thought to share this with you all as I've bought this book and it really helps and explain you lots of things about anxiety and how to tackle it, it work for many people and I've just started read this book 2 weeks ago and feel slightly better also waiting to see a CBT counselling in January. The book is called at last a life by Paul David.

Here is the link to buy the book! Highly remmonded and take my advice is drink chamomile (tea (Waitrose is the best) while reading this before you go to bed

And if you want more detail about this man called Paul David (at last a life) and he got a anxiety problem for years but now is anxiety free!

Buy his book, read, listen and take his advices!


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Anyone? X


Hi Minnie :)

Just been skimming through my newsletters and found this. It is pretty hard to imagine what it is like, to be settled down in bed at this second because currently my sister is doing the hoovering and she doesn't get/care how loud it sounds for me.

But I'm always really interesting in reading other people's work, learning about their experiances :), to read their perceptive, thought through ideas. What anxiety conditions did he have? The fact that he has suffered from anxiety himself gives the book extra credit too - with his understanding & empathy. :)

I shall take a look now. :) My anxiety issues may be mild - but there are relentless, profound, and complex and I'm constantly searching for an answer, a way out, but find nothing. My OCD tendencies and automatic, unwanted thoughts, have dragged on for 5 years now, and there's doubt about ever finding a solution, but also acceptance.

Has the book helped you? What kind of anxiety do/did you get?

I already drink camomile tea before bed. It's soothing and helps. I have Twinings - one of the blends they do is camomile and spiced apple, which is lovely. It's great. Really calms down the Nervous System, although it doesn't provide a solution to my long term issues. Fish (cod liver oil) helps with this too. I have original Seven Seas (Good health - naturally!) pure cod liver oil - from the bottle. I would recommend the liquid as it gets into your system more easily and is more pure. I wouldn't recommend capsules, but if you do choose them, make sure they coated with potatoe starch, rather than gelatine. It's just an idea. :)

(Also it might be better to post this advice in the Blog section, rather than Questions, and more people may see it :) )

Take care, and Best wishes,

wanderingwallflower xx


Hi funky fairy!

Oh dear it can be annoying and all I can say do not pay attention to your anxiety as it will give more fuel to it mean the more you get it the more you get trapped in it and hard to get out! To be honest I'm surprising I haven't had anxiety for 2-3 days now because I learned to not pay attention to it, just accept it and do things normally without thinking about it, when am I gonna get better from anxiety, thinking about how I feel and etc- no good! I just accepted it and don't pay attention to it that's it! I only got mild health anxiety when I'm not well I think what if and worry about it, want to be reassure and would go to doctor every week, I'm such a nightmare ha ha!!

I swear by this book as it tell you everything about anxiety, teach you how to accept it and lots of method to help to cure anxiety each a time! I've bought this book for my uncle as he had panic attack and anxiety over 10-20 years so want to help him and he's on tablet but I'm not as I don't believe in tablets as it block your bad thoughts but keep in your mind which is no good. I'm on omega 3 eye q liquid from boot, very good and help quite lots especially magnesium with vitamin d3 and calcium also folic acids. I highly remmonded u to buy a pure real chamomile tea called tea pig- can purchase from online either Waitrose shop and I add thyme honey as it got anxiety benefits in it too- only sell from Waitrose either online called new zerland thyme honey and read info from there!

I will see a CBT counselling in January for my mild health anxiety only when I'm ill that when I start worry and feeling anxiety. I'm sure it will helps!

You gotta to think positive, accept it, do not pay attention to it, get on with it and do things what you like then you will see big difference! Stop thinking when am I gonna get better, I feel down, worrying thoughts etc won't help and will trap you in more and fuel more anxiety!! Trust me!

Any quiz u want to ask?

Hugs xxxxxx


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