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new symptom

Hi all... had a very odd symptom today that was the worse one yet...... I had a nap on the sofa for around half an hour earlier and i woke up to the sound of my husband calling our daughter from upstairs i suddenly had this awful feeling that she had gone missing and started to panic i sat up felt extremely dizzy and shook from head to toe followed by a cold/hot whoosing sensation rushing through my body all the way up to my head this is going to sound completely bonkers but it was like a thousand voices whispering thru my body,that is the only way i can describe it thankfully with the help of my husband it lasted only 10 minutes but it scared the hell out of me.... Lisa x

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It's our old pal the anxiety which shows up in new ways every now and again........the feeling was caused by the stress hormones being released into your bloodstream and the whooshing is the massive boost of energy they give your body as sugar is released etc getting you ready for action when there is danger.

It is just our bodies doing what they are designed to do but if you are not actually going to get up and do something really exhausting then all that energy just makes you feel really weird and it's not the nicest of feelings.

Don't worry that it's anything dreadful really is just the boost of energy caused by getting a shock when you were just waking up and the bodies reaction.

Take Care PL


Wow! yes I get that all the time and it's a darn pain in the backside!. When you get this immeadiatley slow your breathing down and tell yourself it will pass, and it will. The nerves will get the picture eventually and stop reacting xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks for the reply ladies.... That really was a scarey experience,i really thought i was losing control and that this couldnt possibly be anxiety and at one point i thought i was going crazy,thankfully it did pass but left me feeling very shakey and exhausted... I now class my anxiety as a bully who i will not let beat me..... Thanks Lisa x


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