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phew feelin a little better

Well, its been 2 months since i started the fluoxetine and im finally starting to feel a bit better! Its been a mad rollercoaster these past few weeks, with losing my job bc of my anxiety/panic attacks made worse by the meds and then becoming depressed bc of whats happened. I do miss my job and being round the horses, it got me out of the house and less isolated, but hey, il go back one day when im feeling a bit more confident and ask for a few hours a week, ive got nothing to lose really have i. Ive not been out and about as yet, except the odd trip to the shop, which is literally next door, im still a little agoraphobic, but im going to force myself out one day, maybe tomorrow. Iv done most of my xmas shopping online, which ive had to wait in for deliveries, so there is my excuse for staying in lol. Yeah im lonely and isolated, got no friends and family i can turn to ( i.emy brothers and sisters, or my dad) they dont bother with me, mainly cos of my illness, so i dont really bother with them, to me the feel like strangers anyway.

Hopefully, things are picking up for me, fingers crossed x

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I am really pleased for you ......thank goodness that the meds have helped, it's such a relief to feel a bit better.

It's good too that you can get to the shop next door ......but agree that on-line shopping is a life saver.

Take going out gradually steps, maybe a bit further each time and now that the meds are helping that should help. You may find that you feel even better with time also.

I hope posting here helps you feel a bit less isolated.

You never know as things improve and you start to go out more you may be able to get involved in things where you can get to make some new friends.

Best Wishes, take care PL


I am like you Linny, up and down but yes I agree with the on line shopping lol. I'ts wonderful! an agoraphobics dream ;). Pleased to hear you are feeling a little better and you sound to be loads better!!! :) . I am the same with my family too, I don't even try to ask them to understand anymore it just holds no interest for them, ahh well. I have a long memory..... Much Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Linny,

I've been on Fluoxetine 20mg since October too and having briefly read back on some of your blog posts they sound a bit like me talking!

Have you thought about some volunteer work at an animal shelter of some kind? Ive just done my first shift at a dogs home and i loved it! It means i can avoid humans to a certain degree, but still contribute to something worthwhile and i love dogs so much, nothing like unconditional love hey! Get a real sense of purpose there, it did completely wipe me out for the evening and next day but so far, its worth it. Its bascially free furry cuddles! (and cleaning).

Anyway i hope you're well. Take care of yourself xx


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