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Falling apart

My anxiety is at a peak this morning,I went to work at the wrong time and now im at home

Waiting for my actual shift to start, my stomach is in knots and my citalopram does not seem to be helping (10mg for the last two weeks)

I really feel like I can't cope with the day today,I can't stop thinking that work are going to find some way to get rid of me,they have recommended I see occupationlal health,which terrifies me.

I am just floating at the moment,not sure where to turn.

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Hi LL,

sorry to hear you are having such a horrid time at the moment LL. its not always that bad to see OH as sometimes its better to be honest that your just not feeling so good, work cant get rid of you for being unwell. just imo it might be worth going back to the doctors, you may need something else to help at the moment, 10mg of citalopram imo is not going to help that much if you have a great deal of anxiety. i know they can only give a maximum of 20mg now because i was on 30mg for many years and this was stopped. anyway, thats not helping you, anxiety always seems to be high in the morning. the first thing is you have said 'really cant cope' try not to refer to your situation as 'cant cope', you can, and you will because you are stronger than these feelings, yes they are horrid, i know, but they will go down. it might be better to sort out the things that are causing you more anxiety, if it is work then take their recommendation and see OH, make other appointment with the doctors and tell him/her how you are feeling. try to distract your mind for now by doing something, they are just feelings, not nice, i know, but you are in charge of your mind it does not control you.

Keep it touch with site TTFN VV


I would go back to your GP and explain that your symptoms aren't improving. Don't suffer in silence. Why do you think therapy would be so bad? it may help you.


I don't mind therapy,I just feel like occupational health will judge me and deem im not fit to work


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