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i am getting a kind of pressure sensation on the right side of my head and temple,its been there several weeks now daily,i went to the docs,n he looked in my eyes with a light and ruled out a tumor,thing is ,why am i not convinced,i know anxiety can give you similar symptoms.but this has been going on daily for weeks now,can anyone relate to this,feedback much appreciated.


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  • Hi,

    Almost the worst thing about health anxiety is that it renders us totally unable to be reassured. No matter how hard we try we cannot believe the doctor who is telling us we're ok. I know I've been there. (I had an optician sit with me drawing diagrams on the back of an envelope to try and convince me that after doing all the tests I don't have a serious eye condition but I still cannot hold that thought. The best I can do is to try not the trigger the thought pattern.)

    Headaches, however, are very common and have numerous causes, not all of which are sinister. I suffer from all sorts of headaches and most of them are caused by anxiety and tension. Tension headaches can feel like a band pressing round your head. Sinus conditions can also cause that kind of pressure you're describing depending on the position of the discomfort. Both are uncomfortable and alarming but not dangerous.

    All I can suggest is to hold tight for a few days and let your mind try and absorb the information that you are ok. If that fails go back to your GP and tell him you still have anxiety about this.

    Hope you're soon feeling better.

    Best Wishes.x

  • thanks for your comment fadedlizard

  • I'm with you on this Gordon.

    As a very long term Health Anxiety sufferer I find it very difficult to take any comfort in reassurance.

    I feel good for a day or two but then the doubt creeps back in.

  • Hi,

    I know how u feel Ive had the same for the past 8 weeks my doctor checked my eyes and ruled out anything nasty its just all down to anxiety remember the mind is a very powerful tool... Lisa x

  • Too powerful for our own good! I can't count the number of heart attacks I have suffered through , planning my funeral and everything. I've had DVT numerous times as well! Seen coloured stars through 1 eye, liver disease, kidney and thyroid problems. Over the last 34 years I think I have survived every disease I have ever encountered!! LOL! I am laughing at myself here not anyone else, that's important to say. I can remember that one years ago Gordon. I have learned to just say to myself " that's a new one" and carry on. If I attach too much importance to it IT keeps coming back. It does not like being ignored but that's what it deserves Love and Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • thanks for all your feedback guys,appreciated :)

  • I'm the same although mine is pressure on my forehead making it difficult for me to concentrate on things. It's not an ache or a pain, just feels like someone is pressing on my forehead. My head also feels like its guna explode aswell. I always think I'm about to have a brain hemorrhage or something. I do laugh at myself sometimes cuz I do sound ridiculous, but at the time I take myself very seriously :-/ x

  • thanks for reply kjm1987

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