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Feeling like me

Hi all, had a really gud few days with no anxiety at all. I've even been Christmas shopping, sumthing I had thought I Wud b doing over the net instead of in shops. That's made me feel gud, as i neva even thought about it anxiety. I'm chilling out now watching sum tv and a nice cup of tea. I know its not gone, but ay I'm enjoying being myself the last few days to even think if it. I even walked down the shops in my onesie ( all In one), without a care of wat people thought. I Wud neva of done that before incase sum one laughed at me. Now I don't care as those who care ain't bothered and those that don't care don't matter xxx

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Good for you and well done with the Christmas shopping! I done shopping online this week, and im going into town on Monday with my daughters to buy theirs! I really hate going into town, i dont really know why, i think i just hate the hustle and bustle, and people just walking into me as if im not there, and the loudness of kids screaming and the different sounds and tall buildings, anyway, im going to brave it and do it. I dont own a onesie but they look very warm lol x keep strong


well done donaf! it's these days that help me cope with the others. I'm so pleased for you.




Yay so glad to hear you feel on top of the world, hope you get more days like this xx


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