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What is wrong with my leg

So I had an accident fell and hit my shin on the metal

Bad frame. It hurt so much I couldn't walk on it that night. It was three days ago now. I've been left with a large bruise and a lump, te bruise hurts when I touch it. What worries me is that I have a numb patch of skin under the bruise.. I'm

Scared I have caused a clot or something there is no discomfort apart from the bruise

However I am terrified

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Hi. Anxious. Now calm down! (As much as you can). There is only one way to get reassurance and that is to go to your GP. or A&E. I doubt very much if you have anything other than a nasty bruise, but you do need reassurance and without it you can worry yourself sick. I am sorry I cannot say more. Please come back and let us know how you fare. Love and blessings. jonathan.


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