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And we have anxiety!

My good friend was rushed into hospital on Thursday with a searing headache and couldn't see properly.

This came on over the course of just a few days.

She has acute glaucoma and has lost most of the sight in one eye and has only partial sight in the other. The doctors hope she'll regain some more sight in one eye.

She's only 51!

'Well, I've just got to get on with it' was all she said to me when I picked her up from the hospital.

And there's me with my health anxiety quivering with fear over a twitch in my little finger or pain in my leg!

It puts things in perspective.

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Oh Bramewell , brave, brave you! I admire you for supporting your friend , of course I do and I sympathise with your friend. That's awful for her. You are suffering with this blumming heath anxiety all the time and it is real. You make it sound as if you don't believe you are really ill at all. There is no perspective in mental health. I sincerely hope your friend does regain some more sight. I empathise with you though, no one knows how you suffer unless they have health anxiety too. Crazy isn't it? I do know what you mean though. much love xxxx


HI bramewell, it does put things in to perspective doesnt it. ive found myself looking at people in wheelchairs when im out or with a guide dog and thought they would probably laugh at me. also watching these adverts of how people are living in some countries makes me feel so dumb and unworthy. x


Hi. Bramwell. Yes, it does put things in perspective but I never found it helpful. When I was in the throes of this rotten illness to tell me that I had a very supportive wife, a nice home, good friends and a job was no consolation whatsoever. (I had to give up the job anyway). I just was in agony and that seemed to override everything. Isn't it strange but the more disabled you are the more philosophical you become. I am taliking about the really disabled. The blind, etc. They never seem to complain or moan about themselves. Whereas we could go on for hours, (and I do, don't I?). I do sincerely hope your friend feels better. My wife has mild glaucoma and we are off on Wednesday for a six monthly check. Good wishes. jonathan.


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