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What's The Point?

Hi. All. This is one of those FAQ's that come up time and again. So what's the point in all this suffering, no sense in any of it. Why me? What have I done to deserve this? Why are they all getting at me? Help, help, help!! Now I am going to say something to which you may reply, 'That's it! jonathan 2468 has finally flipped. I knew it would happen!'. SUFFERING IS A PRIVILAGE. Think about this. Do those who have not suffered understand or have Empathy for others? Now I am not talking about sympathy or 'sorry to hear you are not well'.

In a previous blog I talked about Empathy. 'The ability to enter into another's feelings as if they were your own'. This is a gift and a rare one. I contend that it cannot come about except through suffering. On the other side of suffering lies redemption and the ability to UNDERSTAND.

If you read the literature you will find that throughout the ages those who have suffered have emerged as a great benefit to mankind. "The dark night of the Soul",a quotation from a book by a Medieval monk sums it up. But he found solace in washing the dishes in his Monastery.

He realised that in doing the most menial of jobs he was achieving humility and coming to terms with his problem. Unfortunately we are not Medieval monks. Our present society does not help with Anxiety.The pressure is always on. To be a better husband/wife/partner/lover.

To have a better job than the neighbours or a better car. This pursuit of the impossible can bring on Anxiety. So, what's the point? It is not just to be a better human, but a more UNDERSTANDING human. To use our present suffering as means to that end. To make use of "IT" as "IT" has been making use of us. To channel the energy of nervous illness into a constructive and helpful path. You are all, on this site, doing it. Bless you all. Love. jonathan.

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Words of wisdom as always Jonathan. Your posts really lift me up even on the worst days. Thank you x


Words of Wisdom indeed. I hope you are well jonathan loved your story. I always ask myself why me, why me, but see it made me a better person. it is not like i was horrible before but made me slow down and think about my life. have few things in my life still to sort out, with God's help i hope it will be sorted by next year. I am always comparing myself to others, and i always think that they are better than me, i know i am wrong, but it took me time to undertand that, i blamed myself on my ex leaving me, as the new girl is much more educated than me, but then I am like whatever I am sure God has better plans for me and if i end up alone or married it will be his will. Nothing much i can do about it and i did ACCEPT that i might never get married or have a baby but i have my nieces/nephews which are like mine and love them too bits, and maybe by being single i will have more time to give.

I miss the odd hug from time to time lol maybe i should hug a tree for some postive energy




Hi. rouri. So, let us give you some mental HUGS!!! "The new girl is much more educated than me". But, rouri, has she been to the best academy in the world? 'THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS'. You have, and in my opinion, you are far more educated than she. You see, we tend to judge by outer appearances. The whole world does this. "As a man is in his heart, so is he". Remember? It is what we THINK that matters. If we think good thoughts then we do good deeds. Anyway, if you hug a tree it cannot harm you as can some humans!

By comparing yourself to others you are denying your uniqueness. No one is like you! You have gifts they have not. Also remember that many an Inferiority complex is covered by a Superiority one. Some feel small inside so compensate by being 'big' outside. I think you are doing fine and I send blessings and good wishes. Love. jonathan.


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