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Sods law?

Hi all

I was due to go back to work today after being signed off for the past 5 weeks or so. Had my day planned, therapy at 9am and then off to the office for 3 hours and then off to my hypnotherapy this afternoon.

Woke up, felt good, got ready, got into my car. Mmmm, smells of petrol, strange. Turn car on and nothing....

Overnight some thieving *** had drilled a hole into my fuel tank and stolen my petrol!

So bang goes everything! Got urgent lift to therapy and spent the first 5 mins of that crying, then came home and no way i can get to work today now as can't get there and back in time which upset me again! Also how i am going to pay for a new petrol tank upset me and the fact that i had only filled my tank up yesterday.

If there was a day when i could have done without this, it was today...

However, when i look back, had this of happened to me 3 weeks ago then i would have gone to pieces. Yes, i cried but i held it together after and managed to speak to the police and then go for a walk and tell the neighbours. I then managed to make my hypnotherapy this afternoon and sort out lifts for tomorrow.

So what this low life thief has made me realise is that time is a healer and i am progressing. Yes i have had days lately when i've felt bad but i am going the right way and after reading Claire Weekes books this last week, i have ways of dealing with this if i do have any bad feelings.

I have still got a way to go and i'll have to see how i get on at work tomorrow morning but i am positive despite today and that is good :)

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Hi daisy459. I never used to believe in "Sods Law" until recently. Honestly, it is amazing how things go wrong just when you are not up to dealing with them. Sods Law dictates that if you drop a piece of bread and jam it will always fall jam side down! How true. The most important part of your blog is that you are learning from your experiences. I feel this is most important. If we get some obstacles out of the way with this illness then we do not have to deal with them again. So very glad you are reading dear old Dr.Weekes books. A Godsend. I do hope all goes well for you tomorrow; if you can be positive after the experience you have been through today then you are well on the way!!. Blessings and good luck. jonathan.


Hello Daisy i am so sorry that happened to you and believe me that piece of -hit that stole your petrol will get his as karma usually does.

I am just shocked that someone would stoop so low what a bloody low life.

Keep your head up love and hope tomorrow is a good day despite the terrible thing that happened all the best Tara xxx


The books of Dr Weekes are fantastic, the best anxiety resource I have ever read. Although what happened to you was truly awful, you did SO well to still get to your appointments and deal with the practical stuff like the Police etc. It may have been hard but you didn't completely go to pieces, so it's good that you can see progress.


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