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Fybromyalgia ....anyone been diagnosed with this?

I have been told by a friend that suffers with this illness that she thinks I have this condition. Has anyone thought that about themselves? I have an appointment with my GP this afternoon and will ask him what he thinks. I did look on the website for this and I have all the symptoms!!! Will keep you posted xxxxxxxx

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Hi ellabella. My father, who lived to be 92 suffered from all the diseases known to man yet never had a day in hospital in his life. He went through two world wars. He did have GAD most of his life and, like all GAD sufferers he imagined he had all the diseases even if it was only a twinge. (That's where I got mine from, no doubt).They say he even suffered birth pains when I was born!!! Once you have seen your GP you will know if you have a medical problem or feel re-assured. Symptoms are a sign that all is not well, but they are not necessarily what our nervous minds think they are. A headache could be anything from a brain tumour to a hangover, with a multitude of other complaints in between! Let us know how you get on. Good luck. jonathan.


hi love, i hope you are well :)

i never heard of it but like you said check with your GP.

my sister has the same symptoms?? i wonder if this is the case

let me know how it goes

big hug



Hi Rouri - hope you sister is okay.

It's VERY common 1 in people 50 people in the UK have it (I of the symptoms is not being able to think straight). And again if my memory serves me correct it affects 1 in 20 across the globe.

Ironically though - it's not that well known, some doctors haven't heard of it. I reckon lots of people have this without even realising it. It took me 6 - 9 months to get a diagnosis but it can take some people years. Anxiety is also a symptom which is why I joined here (and I was anxious beforehand - I've always been anxious..I blame my Mum :) )

It IS becoming more well known though.

Hope you are well.

wanderingwallflower xx


Hi Jonathan, Hi Rouri! Well I am back from my visit to the Doctors. It will be a cople of weeks till I have any more news about this, as I have to go for a fasting blood test next week. Then it's another week for results. My Doctor was quite amused that I had diagnosed myself lol. He said " Have you done your own diagnosis" and I said " well, I've had a go lol ".....He did agree though that I have the symptoms and ordered the blood tests . If they are abnormal he will send me to the hospital. I think I am still looking for a reason to feel so much in pain. I do have Scoliosis which means my spine is twisted and rests on a lot of nerves so that is a lot of pain. It's the extreme fatigue, ibs, and cognitive problems that throw me. The brain fog and total confusion sometimes turns to utter despair. I don't feel too bad at the moment or I wouldn't have gone anywhere. I am totally expecting the results to come back as normal lol in which case I will have to accept that there is absolutely nothing physically wrong with me LOL. I 'm sure we have all been there........tongue in cheek : ) xxxxxxxxxx


finger cross love, i hope nothing serious will come up, enough what you already have!!

try changing your diet love, i am wathing this program food hospital and you will be amazed how mnay people with different problems get cured by changing their diet.

maybe you should appy for it and if you are lucky you will be diagnozed with private doctors :) am not saying they are better, but they have more time to listen at least :)

i was just thinking if there is one test to be able to test everything in the body from head to toe, for once and finaly check what is wrong that is affecting anxiety!!

take good care of yourself



I do.

if you click on "communities" on the green banner and then click "browse other communities" then on "fibroaction".

fibroaction admin can send you links to lots of info and the people there are helpful too.




Thank you Sandra, I will go and see what I can learn about this illness. From what I can gather from other sources it's not a well received or believed illness which comes as no big surprise to me somehow. I am used to " not being believed but tolerated" so will go in with eyes wide open xxxxx


Hi Rouri, I might watch that on i-player ! thank you for replying . If only there was a simple test :( maybe one day there will be, maybe one day a cure! Bless you for caring xxxxxxxx


maybe one day :)

not to worry love

all the best



Hey. :) I have this. There is a few people from the Fibro action community on Anxiety UK too as many people suffer with anxiety - infact it might be a symptom. Tell your doctor what is happening and she might have to rule some stuff out - so it might involve a few blood tests etc but nothing too drastic. Once all is ruled out, the next procedure is a trigger point test. The doctor will push down on certain areas of the body to see if it hurts. People without the condition are not supposed to have any pain response.

Best of luck. And like Sandra said, look on the HU plan and there will a community for people who suffer with Fibro - it has a symbol of a yellow butterfly if that helps.

Hope you're not in too much discomfort at the moment.

Good luck,

wanderingwallflower xx

(Look forward to seeing you in our little community. It's v. friendly. :) And talking here of course)


Infact here is the link of that makes it easier: fibroaction.healthunlocked....

:) xx


Hi Funkyfairy, thank you so much for your kind message and help. I feel quite shell shocked today and very tired as my mind has been working ten to the dozen. I can't believe there could be another reason why I feel so bad as I do, detached from reality really. I will come and visit you all xxxxx


hi funkyfairy,

Yes i have fibromyalgia and i suffer with anxiety.

from kerry x


Sorry to hear that Kerry , thank you for answering : ) I am trying to get the information processor in my brain to work and waiting for blood tests. A lot confused atm xxxx


Hi Ella like us all a twinge we're off to see dr google I used to do this a lot until I stopped it and wiped all the health bookmarks off my computer because no matter what the illness I checked for the symptoms were all the same no matter what I thought I had and i feel better for it but if you want a smile on dr google type in any thing health wise you like eg bent nose , long ears hairy knees ect and visit the forums for it and no matter how bad you have something someone will have it worse the only questions I ask relatives and friends health-wise now when I'm under the weather is is there anything going about at the minute and leave it at that hope your ok and most important look after yourself. Mel


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