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Feels Like I'm Fading

just joined this site as refereed by a friend, ive had depression form 16 and now i have real anxiety problems over the past week i have come to face not being able to leave my home not communicating with people and finding myself sinking into a hole that i cant seem to get out of got propanalol from gp but not helping at all i recently took a over dose and still dont understand why i done it in the last few months my life has crumbled and so has my self esteem and dignity.

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Hello Kimbo, I am sorry that you are feeling the way you are at the moment. You need to go back to you doctor and tell him how you feel. I know how you feel as I am in the same position as you but I havent taken an over dose thank God. I spend all of my life avoiding going out and I have depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I am going to see a psychiatrist on monday to see if he can help. I think when you have depression everything goes you feel such a failure but it is amazing how many people suffer with it. All I can say is hang in there and ask your GP for something else as obviously the propanolol isnt working. Best wishes Carol.


hi kmbo i am also sorry to hear of your pain i to am suffering wth anxiety for around 20 years on and off im not great at the mo and also now have IBS which makes the anxiety 100 times worse i have many times considered suicide but have never gone through with it as deep down i do want to live it is very hard and can be very lonely place to be with anxiety have you tried cbt im having cbt at the mo and it does help wth me to try and change my thought process i to was on proponal i hated them go back to your gp and try another med i dont take any i all med out over the years it is hard sometimes not being on them but im hoping that gradually my cloud will lift i you are not alone and dont have to suffer on your own have you got family and friends that can be with you just talking can helpx


hi. you are not alone Kimbo. is your depr and anxiety situational I mean have you got lots of problems you cant solve? maybe its chemical imbalance in your brain ? are you on Ssri? I take propra 10mg but I used to take 80mg. some people take 160 depending on the condition. they seem to help a bit but in the long run. you have to understand what causes your problem.take meds and maybe do cbt etc? you dont believe you will be yourself again but thats typical ,just one of the symptoms. and like physical thing it will disappeaer. take care and keep us informed


hi kimbo, you will never be alone now you have found this site. here are people who understand, who care. we all read comments at different times, days, so you might not get a reply for a while, but someone will respond.

I have been where it seems you are and you do come through it but while you are there it does not seem possible.

there are many reasons why we get depression and there are a lot of different treatments. can you talk to your gp? I've found cbt helps me and things I learned can help when things arise.

You are feeling lost at the moment and unsure but inside you are still you. depression and anxiety knock your confidence but things will improve.

You've taken a huge step in joining this site, a step away from yesterday and in to a better tomorrow.

You can post on hear how you feel and how things really are, we read and we care.

I have called the Samaritans a few times and they have helped - even when I asked them to just sit quietly with me, I cried and he just occasionally reassuredly said "I'm still here"

this was posted recently by someone who worked for CALM:-

" you may want to try CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) aimed at men

Call 0800 58 58 58 this is from their website

Our lines are open 4 days a week, Saturday to Tuesday, 5pm to midnight. Calls are free from landlines, confidential, anonymous and they won’t show up on

your phone bill. Trained paid staff will be available to talk through problems, listen, and offer information. Calls are free from payphones and from mobiles on

3, Virgin, Orange and Vodafone networks."

I hope that you keep in touch.




ive been back to doctors back on anti depressants that i now have to pick up weekly (embarrassment) what is this CBT and how do i go about getting involed in it? ive to see my doctor weekly as i don't really have anyone to confide in and on a long waiting list for phycology. i didn't think anyone would reply thank you all makes things so much easier knowing your not alone with these feelings xxxx


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy its a form of counselling, one of the "talking therapies". I think that from your original post you need someone to talk to now rather than join a long list, please call the samaritans if you feel suicidal, but as I mentioned they are there for anyone who is depressed.

I know you said it's embarrassing about your anti-depressants but if you think of the cause of depression as a chemical imbalance [just as diabetes is] and we need an anti-depressant to replace it [just as insulin does for diabetics] it makes sense.




oops! mis-spelt my own name!!



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