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Thesme's adventures in sobriety part 2

Hi everyone!

Thought I'd update on how I'm getting on. Right now I'm drinking an Americano and eating one of those Ferrero Rafaello things, so I'm in good form. I have done ok, with a few lapses. I find Fridays very difficult, I get really grumpy and hard-done-by, so I've been drinking on Fridays. The rest of the week is really quite ok! I do occasionally long for the sweet oblivion of a glass of red wine, but this is offset by my generally reducing anxiety. So it is true, red wine really does increase my anxiety in general - my base levels of anxiety are much less now. I haven't had many physical symptoms from giving up, apart from some headaches. I am losing weight around my middle and, bizarrely, my fingernails are growing really fast. Hmm. I have found the social side of things ok since I discovered the wonderful world of MOCKtails - cocktails with no booze in. Still, Ireland is a difficult place to be dry in. Everything focuses on the pub and getting pissed. This will still need to be negotiated.

The next step is to stop boozing on Fridays. I need to find an alernative outlet for the end of the week. I'll keep you posted on how that goes...

If anyone else out there is struggling with the booze, hang in there, it really is worth it. Also, get all the help you need, don't hesitate to ask. There is also more than one way to tackle it, it doesn't have to be AA if that doesn't suit you. There are other group models, there are dual diagnosis services (i.e. that deal with alcohol plus other mental health disorders), there are one-to-one services, and there are residential services. Things have come a long way. And there's no shame in saying 'I used alcohol to manage my anxiety'. Most people with mental health problems turn to something to try to manage ourselves - it's just that there are much better ways for us now, and loads of support. Reach out and grab it.

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One of the best blogs I've read and I can relate to the culture of getting pissed and you're abnormal if you don't drink. (I'm in Scotland)

I haven't had a drink in over 4 years and it does get easier. In fact, people start to recognise you as a non drinker. It's about being assertive enough to say I don't drink. It's difficult, as it is accompanied by questions like "What's wrong with you?"

Keep up the good work. You are certainly seeing the benefits and it will get easier.


Hi, Well done! I've never struggled with drink, but have struggled with other excesses like compulsively over-eating chocolate until I felt like being sick and also drinking in more than I really wanted in social situations in order to feel more at ease. Glad to hear yu're coping well and have plans for the future.


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