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Hi guys. I'm currently sitting up in bed trying to settle my anxiety. I had a really good night round my friends tonight, we shared a bottle of wine and dinner... But boy am I paying for it now. I just don't understand why my body hates me drinking alcohol so much, even a glass or two. I've noticed since this started it seems to be getting worse to the point where I can't even enjoy a drink anymore. Is this normal?


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  • I don't know if it's normal but I am the same way. Wish I was more help.

  • Thanks for replying. It's really getting me down, I don't drink all the time but when I do it's always playing on my mind now. It used to wake me up without fail at 5am, the panick. Now it's getting word it's like 2am

  • I am sorry to hear it. It can be very frustrating dealing with panic. Reading posts on this forum helps keep my mind off of the panicky feeling. I hope you find something that can work for you because waking up at 2a.m. with panic just plain sucks.

  • Thank You. I do the same, I read posts and it tends to settle me. I have a bbq tonight at a friends and I'm dreading it (the drinking) it just puts me on a downer

  • I hope all goes well for you tonight. If you choose to drink and it gives you anxiety again, feel free to message me or post and we can chat again. Take care!

  • Hey, thanks for your reply. Ive just got in and had a few drinks tonight with water also. I'm not drunk, far from it. I'm hoping to sleep well tonight but I know this is playing on my mind so won't be surprised if I end up anxious in the early hours. If I do, I have decided this will be the last time I drink as I can't keep doing this I hate it so much :)

  • It's unfortunate but it may be the best idea to stop drinking. I used to love a good beer or glass of wine but I just can't indulge anymore. Having a panic attack cause my anxiety was so bad just isn't worth it for me.

  • Totally. I just think enough is enough and this feeling is really not worth the drinking anymore. I end up in sub a state and then knackered the next day and I have two small children to look after its just not worth it.

    I think giving it up is this best option.

    Do you still have anxiety even if you don't drink?

  • Yes. I have anxiety everyday. Some days are worse than others but it's always with me. Drinking makes it worse. I have an almost 2 yr old that climbs everything so I need to be constantly watching her. That's probably where some of my anxiety comes from ;)

  • Aw I'm sorry to hear that. I hope one day you get full control over it or even it completely stops. That would be the life wouldn't it 😊

    I'm going to get my head down now and try and have a good nights sleep. Thanks for talking with me 😊

  • Yes that would be the so nice! It was nice chatting with you as well! Take care :)

  • I get anxiety from alcohol as well. I stopped drinking years ago, and that was one off the main reasons.

  • I think that was good of you to make that decision. I think I'm going to have to do the same as its not worth putting myself through this for the sake of a few glasses of wine

  • Yeah, I don't really miss it much anymore. My bigger problem was always smoking pot, but I haven't done that either in over five months now so that's a positive. As far as alcohol I've found that when I was actually feeling the effects I'd feel fine, but when they start to wear off I would become anxious. Sometimes the anxiety would last for days after because I'd gotten myself into an anxious mindset.

  • Also, something of note: wine was the first type of alcohol I experienced this with.

  • That's good of you, did you feel anxious with pot too?

    My anxiety is the same, always once the effects wear off, and always starts early hours of the morning and I only seem to experience it with wine. I'm just going to stop altogether I think

  • Pot is very unpredictable, but the reason I stopped was because I felt it was having a negative impact outside of my anxiety issues. Laziness, forgetfulness, bad judgment, etc.

  • Am sittin here now with palpitations and sweats after haven a bottle of wine last nyt feel like it's gunny explode hope u feel better

  • Hope your feeling better :)

  • Hey guys, thanks for your posts, I felt like it was only me that got like this but it's nice to know there are others that suffer too, not that you suffer but that I'm not the only one experiencing this.

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