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Anxiety Story and Anxiety Pains

Hi everyone! I've been reading this forum for a long time. A psychiatrist diagnosed me with GAD after a series of test for anxiety symptoms which I thought was from a heart problem (although I had one and was healed from it by God). And yes, I am a Christian.

Anyway, this anxiety returned last February, a month after my dad died from a heart attack. From February to August I was in a spiral of anxiety. Last June was the peak of it. My money was drained going back and forth to doctors. I actually have visited all the hospitals in my area and had ecg with all of those, all of which came back normal. During the anxiety peak, I googled a lot. I read about a lot and so most of it got registered in my brain. All of the anxiety symptoms were present. I had a hard time especially with dizziness (feeling I am in a boat) since I am a grade 9 teacher.

Somehow, God wanted me to be free. Last August 6 I got water baptized and all my fears of heart attack and heart problems suddenly vanished. I didn't go to panic when I felt chest pains. But that changed 3 days ago when I had a pain in the calf and behind my knee. I didn't remember doing anything that might have caused it. And so my background knowledge from Dr. Google came and thought it is DVT and PE. OCD kicked in and now I am obsessed with that thought. That is why I will go to a check up tomorrow and ask for a CT scan and venous doppler scan for my mind to silence.

It sucks but these things are for sure:

this is not permanent.

God loves us.

Jesus heals us.

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God does heal and all glory to him. Stay in your faith. God knows and loves us.

Gods peace be with you


Hi blessedman, I'm sorry to hear of your dads passing , I know how much it hurts to lose a beloved parent. It's ibviously triggered your anxiety again. Try not to google you're symptoms!! Honestly it frightens the life out of you!! Your imagination works overtime and it's just not worth it!! I hope you're happy with your results, we all have aches and pains and don't know how or why we have them sometimes. I believe in God and his angels!! I also believe they've have helped me and the people I love many times!! Good luck and stay well🙏🏻

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This was very pleasing to read



I just had a venous doppler ultrasound on both of my legs and thank God everything is normal!

Anxiety can really give us the chills!

Anyway, if you need healing on other sickness, email me @ jayrdalida111@gmail.com and we will have a skype session. :)

God bless everyone!

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Hi BlessedMan, I am happy for you that the ultrasound was normal.


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