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Pets and Anxiety

Hi Everyone, I just want to sing the praises of my cats!!!! I live alone and have always had cats. Even on my darkest days one of them manages to make me smile ....even laugh!. They are more like dogs than cats and keep me busy and amused. You can share all your problems, and have something to get up for some days. They don't care whether you have brushed your hair or not and don't judge you. I just love em and get affection back . I'm sure cats have changed over the years..... mine just love to be cuddled , well one of them does. They know me, they love me , and accept my strange behaviour. They comfort me when I am upset and jump up and down when I laugh. They do have a life of their own before you think they are captives. They go out. In fact they have litter trays to stop any upset with the neighbours and their gardens lol! They help me heaps! just thought I would share that xxxxx

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Pass my praises on to your cats ellabella!



I have a cat that behaves like a dog,lol!It s very smart and keep me company cause i m at home by myself everyday.I m so glad he s here with me too!!;-)


I will do Hollow! and I'm glad for you Train, : ) xxx


I totally agree, my cat has saved my life, figuratively speaking. Best wishes to you x


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