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I feel so much better after chocolate! Placebo?

I've been feeling really weak lately and very tired. Haven't been able to stop myself falling asleep and I've been feeling on the verge of collapse with the weakness. Only one thing seems to help: chocolate, or anything else with a massive amount of sugar in it! I don't crave sugary foods but I have had them recently because I feel like there's no energy in me at all and I was wondering if it might help. For a few hours after the chocolate I'm able to get on with my life, feeling almost normal (but not exactly bouncing off the walls!) until my energy levels fall again and I go really weak all over like I can't lift my arms again.

I know my blood sugar levels are fine because my doctor recently tested them, and I'd rather not be scoffing chocolate every day as previously my diet was healthy and I only ate chocolate once or twice a week. Does anyone know why this would happen? Is it just a placebo effect because I'm thinking this will give me energy? I've noticed bananas don't work in the same way! Just want to be able to achieve the same effect without scoffing sweets!

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If I have a bad day nothing cheers me up like a good munch on a Crunchie or Mars bar.

Maybe you just enjoy the taste and it lifts your mood which in turn makes you feel brighter and more energetic??

I'm no doctor and it's just a theory.


chocolate will give you short bursts of energy as will any sugary foods but you will crash when they wear off . so i would suggest a small amount of sugary stuff followed up with carbohydrate rich food like cereal , flapjack, breads or healthy ryvita type crispbreads. i get same cravings for sugary stuff and i find they lift my mood and perk me up but it doesn't last as well as say a piece of flapjack and maybe a glass of juice x just a suggestion :) i'm no doctor either !


Chocolate IS a mood-lifter - unfortunately, as the others have said, sweet sugary "energy" doesn't last, your sugar level drops dramatically and sends you on a downer again. Although i seem to remember reading some research recently that suggested dark chocolate is actually good for you - I'll see if I can find it. But the others are right - chocolate is fine in moderation, but you do need more long-acting carbs too! :)


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