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Hi all, I have been taking Cit for 6 weeks now, started on 20mg then increased to 30mg daily, and was going along quite happily and even went back to work. Yesterday all the old feelings crept back in at work and at home in th evening. Today is just as bad and really don't know how I managed to come to work today at all. Is this just a temporary blip, should I go back to the GP. Struggling to know what to do? Any advice would be brilliant x

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Cit does not reverse your problems, just helps you with them. Any chance work is stressing you out for any reason? If something anxiety-triggering happens then you are still likely to feel anxiety. Are you getting therapy too?


Hi anxiousrecoverer,

thank you so much for answering my question. I think that maybe i've started to run before I can walk and went back to work too soon. I dont find it stressful but very boring but I suppose that too can cause a different type of stress?

I did have an appointment for some CBT but cancelled it as I thought I was doing well - how wrong was I - I will ring and re-make it. Do you think it would be worth upping my dose to 40mg?

thanks again


I went from 20mg to 40 as my doctor claims that the bigger the person you are regarding weight and height makes a difference on how well the tablet dose works. It is always advisable to go back to your GP and discuss it.


I had a similar problem and went back to CBT which has really helped. It helps you to see things more clearly and teaches you how to control your breathing. I found that mindfulness really helped, along with controlled breathing. You have to do it every day though whether you feel well or not and it becomes the norm so even in months/years to come you still practice controlled breathing and relaxtion techniques to make sure you stay well. You could also try yoga or tai chi online as I found this helped me focus and relax. Also, working out exactly what makes you feel anxious then doing it anyway is a great help. I found i was anxious about going on days out/nights out so avoided them. What I decided to do was do them anyway to prove to myself that nothing bad would happen and whilst it was a bit uncomfortable at first I slowly realised that it would be fine and can now go to cinema etc without any problems. Lots of info online for self help too. Good luck


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