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Anxiety can be frightening, debilitating and often downright inconvenient.

The good news is it CAN be treated!

Many people suffer with symptoms of anxiety everyday, some know how to manage it and many don’t.

It was around this time last year when I started to notice a significant difference in symptoms. I fainted often at work and on a rare occasion I was sick. I had a constant nausea and I was often very dizzy.

I had visited my GP many times in the past with palpations, dizziness. It wasn’t until I felt so anxious that I knew perhaps it was anxiety.

Anxiety became a brick wall, I physically couldn’t get to work, I would get sick if I tried.

Quite a proud person I let my pride keep me from telling others how I was feeling. However, when I couldn’t work I had to confide in my employer and I realise how lucky I have been to have their support and a no-pressure attitude from them. This played a huge part in my journey to recovery.

I managed to get back to work on the tablets my GP had prescribed. Now a year down the line and today is my first day coming off the medication.

Hopefully my experience my encourage you and help you see there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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It's good you have taken time out when you are feeling better to post a blog to help others. Thank you and take care.


hi hannah. what a nice story to read. well done on you beating anxiety. good luck with your meds withdrawal. ill be thinking of you. stay strong &


Hi there, it's so lovely to read a positive story, it gives me and im sure others hope and determination. Good luck with coming off your medication :) x


HI IF YOU DONT MIND ME ASKING what meds did you take x




Very good drug


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