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Sertraline and Rizatriptan Clash

Hi All, I was diagnosed with depression with anxiety a couple of years ago after enduring both for over 15 years. My GP was very excellent, and prescribed Sertraline 50mg and Councelling.

Sertraline 50mg was successful for me personally and it controlled both my depression and anxiety for over 2 years.

About a month ago, still taking the sertaline, I started feeling very unwell and panic attacks returned. I saw my GP who informed me that the Sertraline was reacting to the Migraine painkiller- Rizatriptan (maxalt melt) which when taken together causes way too much Seretonin.

My GP took me off Sertaline gradually, as there were no alternatives for the migraine treatment. So bringing this right up to today, I am in the process of trying new Antid's..Mirtazipine was unsuccessful for me, now trying a tri-cyclic.

Has anyone else had this particular clash between ssri and Triptans for migraine? Would be interested in knowing your experiences.

Hope you all have a good weekend. x

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