What is every body's experience on CBT ?? i had break down in Dec. I was bad with anxiety and depression. So i was put on medication. But last week it happened again. I wanted too end my life as it was too much for me to handle. Iv waited months for CBT and while waiting iv tried hypotherpy and accupuncher. Iv now got hope on CBT as im so desperate.. My mind is constantly emotionally attacking me...


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  • Hi Sammy, I've had a good experience with CBT, it might take some time before it really starts to make a significant impact but it certainly did for me after a while. I have had anxiety for 15 years and having had CBT that finished earlier this year, I'm in a better position to deal with it now than I ever was before. It's not a cure but it's like a toolbox that you can dip into when you need it and can really help you get on with your life in the long term. I got therapy through Anxiety UK. I hope it works for you :) best wishes, Al

  • That is brill good for you!! Im only 22 so not so experienced with mental health etc... Ikknow CBT isn't a cure but will help me control things as my head is such a mess. Got so many things to let off my chest too like how i felt when lost my child etc iv not really told anyone how i felt and it will be 3 years this Nov since she passed. But that many bad things have happened too me that i don't really know how i feel, what im thinking anymore. Baffled ?? Thank you for your reply and best wishes

  • Yeah I hope it will be good to get some of this of your chest to a professional. CBT is all about dealing with present anxiety, regardless of the causes of it, but when I had mine I still had time to talk about some stuff in my life that may have caused it. Talking about it openly can help as much as anything else. I'm not baffled, it is not surprising you feel like this, given everything you've gone through!! Hope it all goes well :)

  • hi sammy im just going through CBT, ie found it helpful, i had to wait 2 years to get to see the psychologist. hope you find it helps you.x

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