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Hypnotherapy feedback report

Well I tried Hypnotherapy as a cure for my anxiety. I attended 3 sessions before deciding that it wasn't for me. I have tried medication, CBT and have read about anxiety. I thought I would give hypnotherapy a try. I expected that the treatment would somehow get into my subconscious mind and reprogram my thoughts around my cause of anxiety. Well I was dissapointed, the treatment consisted of a 1 hour talk to understand my problem, then I was given an audio track to help me relax, the track was similair to ones I had already. Then there was a follow up 1 hour session, once again mostly taking about my anxiety and given a different audio track to listen to in my spare time. The third 1 hour session I asked for Hypnosis. the therapist recited the same relaxation words to me from the track.. I did not go into any trance. the only benefit I gained was to think about my anxiety from a different perpective but was it worth the £200 ? Personally I did not think so and I did not learn anything new having read the books I already new what anxiety was.

I am happy to discuss further if anyone is thinking of booking hypnothrapy.

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I was thinking baout EFT or Hypno?? mmm well thank you for sharing your views, now i don't think i will go ahead with it. £200!!!! keep the money instead!!! sorry for that.

any idea about EFT??


hi rouri there are some good eft video on you tube. I've been trying to do it every day. Its just another way of relaxing. Nothing magic, but worth trying to see if it suits you. stillstanding


Thanks for that viewpoint Kevin. It more or less mirrors my experiences (less hypnosis).

Your findings support my conclusion, that it's likely there's nothing fundamentally wrong with a lot of us anxiety sufferers - we are just highly individualistic people who don't fit in with the herd mentality.

I've had trouble with socialising for the last 60+ years and now prefer my own company. That's just as well 'cause I don't have any friends!


Hi, I really wanted to belive that I could be cured of my phobia's and have always imagined that Paul McKenna would be able to do this ... so I had every confidence that hypnois would work for me.Unforunatly I couldnt get Paul McKenna to help but I did try being hypontised a few times and by a few different people. I stoped beleving it would work, when it just sounded like the hyponists were reading the same script! Yes I agree the costs, did add up!


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