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Does anyone have any tips for controlling anxiety before it gets too bad?

I take deep breaths when I get close to having a panic attack but I need help before it gets to that stage. The reason i am having these panic attacks at the moment is because I have been ill and I have a phobia of illness so every night when I try to sleep now I am scared at not knowing whether i am going to wake up ill again or not. If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it

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Distraction. I put my headphones on, close my eyes and try to put myself somewhere else, usually in the song, I can play every instrument under the sun and at any venue, until I wake up that is. As you know your mind is playing tricks with you, challenge your thoughts. It's not easy but anxiety plays on those fears if you woke up feeling okay today ask yourself why shouldn't tomorrow be the same.


Oooo tips for anxiety control thats the billion dollar question isnt it! :0)

errrm whats effective usually depends where I am in the anxiety cycle or where I am physically. If its when you are in bed have you thought about putting some music on your ipod or whatever you have and listening to that while you drift off? i usually find my fav songs which i can sort of sing along in my head works well so im kinda distracted, Not effect all the time like anything else i guess. What about preparing yourself for sleep too, like not drinking coffee to late, having a bath, ect ect not going to bed unless your tried so that there is no added pressure to get to sleep when your not tired.

Does this make sence I do tend to waffle? I will try and think of other things. xx


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